Wine Making Instructions

Wine Making Instruction Basics

* Sterilise equipment before starting.

* Crush or chop the fruit into a 10ltr white plastic pail with a straining bag inside.

* Add water as per the recipe and 1 crushed campden tablet per 4.5 lt. stir and leave for 24 hours. This will sterilise the ‘must’ of any unwanted nasties that may spoil your wine.

* Add sugar, nutrients, and and other ingredients as per the recipe, add yeast into the pail and leave in a warm place to ferment for 5 days. (This is the primary fermentation) Keep covered.

* Strain the contents from the straining bag, (do not squeeze) into a clean demijohn or similar, and if needed top up with water leaving very little space at the top of the demijohn.

* Ferment in the demijohn under airlock until the fermentation has completed. Test with the hydrometer.

* If required add a crushed campden tablet and potassium sorbate to stop any yeast activity depending on the sweetness required and leave in a warm place for 4 days under airlock protection.

* Siphon off the sediment and add wine finnings if needed and leave in a cool place to clear. Bottle when clear.

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